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Baby AFT Gecko -- Mlem x Grump

Sold! Congrats to her new owner!

Hatched: 3/25/21 -- Tangerine Stripe 66% het patternless 50% het oreo. Is temperature sexed female. Eating very small dubia roaches and crickets.


Male Western Hognose -- Barqs

Sold! Congrats to his new owner!

Beautiful boy. I purchased not too long ago. I've had some things come up and need to make space. Produced by Geckos Etc. Beautiful solid black belly. He was paired to my female and I saw them lock. But she decided to just be fat this year. He will take frozen pinky mice from tongs. Or I can set them on a dish in his enclosure, and he eats pretty quickly. Current weight of 95 grams. Kept in rack system on aspen shavings. Contact for more pics and any other information.


Female Ball Python -- Gwen

Sold! Congrats to her new owner!

Gwen is spider morph 100% het for the puzzle gene. She has little to no wobble. And has been an amazing, consistent eater of live rats. She's easy to handle, and a very sweet snake. Currently 434 grams empty as of 5/18/21.


Female Ball Python -

Sold! Congrats to her new owner!

Jojo is a female ball python. I bought her off craigslist, the person knew nothing about her other then she was a lesser. I know she is at least that, But she may have hidden genes. I have paired her to my Mojave male over the last 6 weeks, and I have seen them lock multiple times. I can't promise she will lay. But the chance is there. She is current 1560g. Eats live rats and asfs. But has been off food about 2 weeks.

Shown paired*


Female ball python -


Sold! Congrats to her new owner! The funds from her sale were donated to Reptile Relief 101 fund.

Ember is 50% het pied. She has a ton of tracks, so I'm betting she proves out. I bought her at 4 weeks old. She takes live weaned rats. I have not tried her on frozen/thawed. She did take a fresh killed another snake turned down. Healthy, active girl. Great to handle and work with.


Male AFT Gecko --


Sold! Congrats to his new owner!

This is Popsicle. He is an Amel produced by Geckos Etc in 2018. He is a sweetheart. Easy to handle. Would make an excellent pet. He eats crickets and dubia roaches. He currently weighs 75 grams. When not paired he will get closer to 85 grams.


AFT Breeding pair --

Ziggy and Stardust

SOLD!  Congrats to their new owner!

2015 Normals. Proven breeding pair. Currently paired and laying. Available as a pair only, Good home a must. Would make excellent pets. Both very friendly and easy to handle. Both have only eaten crickets.


Female AFT Gecko --

Not So Grump

SOLD! Congrats to her new owner!

July 2020 Hatchling. Striped 66% het patternless, 50% het oreo. Currently weighs 21 grams. Diet is mealworms, small dubia and crickets. She has a preference for crickets. Handled often, very sweet girl. Dad is Mlem, Mom is Grump


Female AFT Gecko --


SOLD! Congrats to her new owner!

August 2020 Hatchling. White Out 66% het for oreo and patternless. Currently weighs 25 grams. Diet is mealworms, dubia and crickets. Eats all about equally. Handled often. Does have a bit of an attitude. But not mean, just quick moving. Will more then likely calm down over time. Dad is Mlem, Mom is Mercury.


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