Male argentine black and white tegu

Quite the handful but we love him all the same. His favorite days are the ones the ball pythons don't eat and he gets extra rats. Loves crickets, superworms, berries, various veggies, quail and rodents.



Female bearded dragon

My daughters first pet reptile. She is a sweet girl. Quite the character. 



Male crested gecko

Pyro was one of our first geckos. I bought him and one other from a reptile expo when he weighed all of 3 grams. He is now a whopping 74 grams lol. He has a home here for life.



Male salcuta tortoise

Sherman is a 5/6 yr old male. He is a conversation starter here on the farm for sure. He is very chill. And enjoys getting to do his own thing, grazing on fresh grass during the spring and summer.



Male false water cobra

Hatched October 2020. We got this awesome dude from Kyle Wilson. He can be very intimidating at times. But he calms down as soon as he is out of his tub. They are amazing snakes for the right people. And we are excited to watch him grow,



Boa constrictor "BCI"

Ty belongs to my husband. Ty and Mojo were the two that kicked off this crazy reptile journey. He is an August 2019 baby. He was a bit of an odd ball picky eater at first. But once he started eating consistently, he has been your typical hard hitting boa. He too, will have a home here for life.